Gdansk City Tour: Unveiling the Historic Charms of Poland's Crown Jewel


Embark on an unforgettable journey through Gdansk's rich history and architectural wonders.

1. European Solidarity Center

Visit the European Solidarity Center, a museum dedicated to the history of the Solidarity movement and its impact on Poland's fight for democracy. Gain insights into this significant part of Gdansk's past.


2. Westerplatte

Pay homage to the heroic defenders of Westerplatte, where World War II began. Visit the memorial and learn about the historic battle that took place here.


3. Artus Court

Step into the opulent Artus Court, a historic meeting place for wealthy merchants. Marvel at its exquisite facade and interior, which now houses a museum showcasing Gdansk's history.


4. Amber Museum

Delve into the world of amber at the Amber Museum. Learn about its formation, admire exquisite amber jewelry, and gain insights into the significance of this gemstone to Gdansk's culture.


5. Gdansk Shipyard

Visit the historic Gdansk Shipyard, a site of significant political and social events during the Solidarity movement. Learn about its role in shaping Poland's history.


6. Museum of the Second World War

Gain deeper insights into the history of World War II at the Museum of the Second World War. Engage with interactive exhibits, personal stories, and historical artifacts.