How to do it in one day

If you have plans to visit Gdansk it is recommended to spend at least a few days there. Sometimes that is impossible. If so, here are some tips on what to see and where to go. Here is Gdansk in a one-day nutshell.

And how about following the Kings on Royal Way, passing through the gate looking like a palace, feeling the sea breeze on Motlawa shore, and traveling in time with stops in Middle Ages, during the 2nd World War and in the 80’s of the twentieth century, to finally look at everything from a 30-meter high perspective. It is not easy, but it is possible in one day!

Are you ready for such a tour? Let's start from Targ Weglowy (Coal Square) - 5 minutes on foot from the Main Railway Station. It is a big square with a few very old, and unusual buildings. The most impressive is Wielka Zbrojownia (the Great Armoury ) the eye-catching old arsenal tenement house with an enormous facade full of gilding, sculpture, and reliefs. Another worth seeing place is a gothic-renaissance Prison Tower, with the spectacular Amber Museum.

In the summer there is a relaxation area on that square. You can sit here on a deck chair or straight on the grass and drink a coffee or even a beer. Especially during the Dominican Fair - one of the largest outdoor events in Europe (only Oktoberfest and Weichnachsmarkt are bigger). The tradition began 750 years ago, and every year it gathers around 5 million people.

If it is too early or too cold to rest do not hesitate to go through the gate Złota Brama (the Golden Gate) that is the beginning of the Royal Way. It consists of two streets: Dluga and Dlugi Targ.

Almost every tenement house on the Royal Way is worth to see, some of them also to visit. It was here where the richest citizens had lived, and it is clearly visible in the fabulous, and decorative facades.

It is really worth stopping and taking a gander at the magnificent brick City Hall, the tallest building in the Old City, the impressive Arthus Court and the famous Neptune's Fountain, an unofficial symbol of Gdansk.

If you need additional proof that Gdansk was a very rich city, enter the City Hall and Arthus Court. The interior of both buildings is really worth sacrificing a little bit of your time.

Passing through Zielona Brama (the Green Gate) you’ll reach the Motlawa river. However before you spend a pleasant time on the river bank, turn left and go through the Mariacka Gate to visit probably the most picturesque street in Gdansk - Mariacka Street. It is the favorite place of artist and lovers.

At the end of the street, there is the gothic St. Mary's Basilica, the largest built of bricks church in the world. The Basilica interior is not really impressive, unlike the view from the tower. The panorama is worth enduring each of the 412 steps.

It is not a bad idea to relax after climbing. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants around here. After your break, it is time to return to the Motlawa shore. While you are wandering around the Old City, why not take a look at stone lions that protect Fountain of the 4 Districts. Then along Swietego Ducha street (Holy Spirit Street), you go to the Dlugie Pobrzeże (Long Seashore). While walking the promenade you can not miss the massive XV century Crane, one of the symbols of Gdansk, which was once one of the water gates, and today houses the Marine Museum.

If you are a tourist sprinter, you still have time to take a walk to the 2nd World War Museum (but it is almost impossible that you’ll have the time to visit). Then go to the Shipyard, it is a spectacular place - the cradle of the Solidarity movement. Inside the yard, there is a tourist path. You can see historical places and monumental cranes. It was announced, that in the spring of 2019 a viewpoint will be opened on one of them at an altitude of almost 30 meters (32 yards).

Ok, that's enough of a one-day trip. And what to do in the evening? It is a completely different story. But it is certain that if you decide to spend it in Old City there it will be an unforgettable night