If you like not only to visit the city but also enjoy it with a little bit of physical effort, you should not forget about a bicycle. The more so because the Tri-City area looks like it was created for traveling in that way. Especially during the Spring and the Summer times.

Coming in at 24 kilometers / 14.9 miles along the seaside coast - it is probably the most fabulous proposal for cyclists. The road stretches among Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia and runs in very close proximity of the beautiful beaches. What more the road is not only close to the sea, but also not far from the major places of the Tri-City. The route is a part of the R-10 bicycle trail (Seaside Hanseatic Trail).

But of course, it is not the only bike paths available. It is a very good idea take a bike to visit Oliwa (former city, today part of Gdansk) with the majestic cathedral and beautiful park, and Westerplatte, the place where the 2nd World War began. Both routes are about 10 kilometers / 6.2 miles long from the center of Gdansk.

The Tri-city provides impressive flexibility of itineraries, which gives you opportunities not only to see the most worth-seeing places in the city but also to organize wonderful trips outside Gdansk itself.

Just around Gdansk, you can find charming roots wandering among the hills in overgrown dense forests, among agriculture fields, lakes and small villages with old churches and houses.

The bike routes transport you to some interesting places like for example the island of Sobieszewo (about 18 km / 11.1 miles from the center of Gdansk) with lovely beaches, along with wild Nature Reserves, that house thousands of birds. If you are ready for a more difficult adventure you can go to Tczew which is along the banks of Motlawa river and its canals (about 35 km / 21.7 miles). The main attraction on this route is the contact with nature, but there are also little villages with marvelous gothic churches, tiny picturesque cemeteries, and old wooden houses.

For the experienced riders, there is a route from Gdansk to Hel Peninsula. This is about 100 km / 62.1 miles. But the city of Hel can be reached also by Water Tram (taking a bicycle with you, the ticket for the bike cost is 10 PLN), and then go on a cycling tour over the peninsula.

Utilizing a combination of a bicycle and the other means of transport could be a very good idea for a lot of excursions. You can transport the bicycle for free on buses, trolleys, and SKM train (but please remember you as a passenger will still need a valid transportation ticket!) on the following routes: Tczew - Gdansk - Sopot - Gdynia - Wejherowo - Lebork - Slupsk.