If you don't want to see old buildings and museums, or would like only to take a break from it, you probably could not find a better place to do so. The beaches of Gdansk Bay are beautiful, sandy and very wide.

The width of them in the city of Gdansk, they are from about 70 meters in Brzezno to about 130 meters in Stogi. Furthermore, the beaches consist of golden sand. The problem, however, for some,  is the water. The Baltic is a rather cold sea. The average temperature of the water in June is about 16C or 60F, in July is 19C or 66F, for August is 20C or 68F, and in September is 17C or 62F degrees. So for the lovers of a warm sea bath could be a little bit disappointed, though when the peak of the summer sun hits the water it can be really warm, and enjoyable.

Much more often you can take a sunbath and work on your tan. The single warm days begin in March and end in October. Between these two months, from April to September sunbathing is common, and possible. Obviously pending the weather itself. A good suggestion is to do a bit of research about the past weather trends in the area, including the average temperature for the days you plan on visiting. 

Other attractions of the Tricity coast are the piers. The most famous is the one in Sopot, but Gdansk also has its own in Brzezno. It is about 130-meters in length (included 120 meters above the sea) and it is a very popular place to visit both for the residents of Gdansk, and for the plethora of tourists that visit yearly. Sometimes its too popular, because, at the peak of the season, the beach in Brzezno is visited by an estimated 50 thousand people a day.

The pier was built in the nineties, and there is a plan in place to make it larger to 300 meters in length