Unforgettable Winter Activities in Gdansk


Discover the best experiences this season in Gdansk

Gdansk, located on the picturesque Baltic Sea coast of Poland, offers a multitude of unforgettable winter activities for travelers seeking a memorable experience. From exploring the city's rich history to engaging in thrilling outdoor adventures, Gdansk has something for everyone. Here's a comprehensive overview of the top winter activities in Gdansk along with 20 suggestions to make the most of your visit:

1. City Walking Tour

Discover the enchanting charm of Gdansk's Old Town on a guided walking tour. Explore historic sites like Neptune Fountain, Artus Court, and St. Mary's Church.


2. Amber Museum

Visit the renowned Amber Museum to learn about the fascinating history and significance of amber in Gdansk. Admire unique amber artifacts and jewelry.


3. European Solidarity Centre

Gain insights into the city's role in the Solidarity movement and Polish struggle for democracy at the European Solidarity Centre. A must-visit for history enthusiasts.


4. Ice Skating at Olivia Square

Put on your skates and glide across the ice rink at Olivia Square. Enjoy a fun-filled outing for families or couples in a festive atmosphere.


5. Winter Kayaking on Motlawa River

Embark on an exciting kayaking adventure along the frozen Motlawa River. Admire the city's stunning panorama and iconic architecture from a unique perspective.


6. Enjoy Polish Cuisine at Traditional Restaurants

Warm yourself up with delicious Polish cuisine at the city's traditional restaurants. Indulge in pierogies, bigos, and hearty stews to savor the flavors of winter.


7. Exploring Westerplatte

Visit Westerplatte, a historic site where World War II began. Learn about the history, visit the museum, and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.


8. Museum of World War II

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive Museum of World War II to gain an understanding of the impact and history of the war on Gdansk and the world.


9. Enjoy Traditional Polish Vodka Tasting

Warm up with a traditional Polish vodka tasting experience. Learn about Poland's vodka culture and sample an array of unique and flavorsome spirits.


10. Visit Malbork Castle

Take a day trip to Malbork Castle, the world's largest brick castle and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at its grandeur and medieval architecture.