Gdansk by Night: An Enchanting Evening Experience in the City


Witness the vibrant nightlife and illuminated landmarks of Gdansk after dusk.

1. Explore the Amber Museum

Gdansk is famous for its amber, and the Amber Museum showcases an extensive collection of this captivating gemstone. Discover the history, cultural significance, and various forms of amber in this informative museum.


2. Take a Sunset Cruise on the Motlawa River

Experience the enchanting beauty of Gdansk's waterfront by embarking on a sunset cruise along the Motlawa River. Admire the illuminated historic buildings, bridges, and iconic Gdansk Crane while enjoying a relaxing boat ride.


3. Enjoy Traditional Polish Cuisine

Indulge in authentic Polish cuisine at one of Gdansk's traditional restaurants. Try pierogi (dumplings), bigos (hunter's stew), or gołąbki (cabbage rolls) while savoring the flavors of Poland. Pair your meal with a glass of Polish beer or vodka.


4. Visit the European Solidarity Centre

Explore the birthplace of the Solidarity movement and learn about its historical significance at the European Solidarity Centre. This interactive museum offers a profound insight into the fight for workers' rights and democracy in Poland.


5. Explore the Old Town

Take a leisurely walk through the charming streets of Gdansk's Old Town. Admire the colorful facades, cozy cafes, and historical sites as you uncover the city's rich past and vibrant present.


6. Enjoy Live Music at the Shakespeare Theatre

Experience the magic of live performances at Gdansk's Shakespeare Theatre. From theatrical plays to musical concerts, this venue offers a diverse range of cultural entertainment for an unforgettable evening experience.


7. Attend a Classical Music Concert at the Philharmonic Hall

Immerse yourself in the world of classical music by attending a concert at the Gdansk Philharmonic Hall. Be mesmerized by the talent of the musicians and the acoustics of this renowned concert hall.


8. Watch the Sunset from Westerplatte

Head to Westerplatte, a peninsula located on the Baltic Sea, to witness a breathtaking sunset. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings and reflect on the historical significance of this site, where World War II began.