Exploring the Festive Charm of Gdansk: A Winter Wonderland Experience


Embrace the magical atmosphere as you discover Gdansk during the winter season.

1. Explore the Historical Neighborhood of Oliwa

Take a stroll through the charming neighborhood of Oliwa, known for its beautiful park and Oliwa Cathedral. Admire the stunning architecture and witness the tranquility of this hidden gem.


2. Discover the Amber Museum

Explore the fascinating world of amber at the Amber Museum. Learn about the history, significance, and extraction process of this unique gemstone that has long been associated with Gdansk.


3. Visit the European Solidarity Centre

Learn about the history of the Solidarity movement and its contribution to Poland's fight for democracy at the European Solidarity Centre. Gain insights into the country's transformation amidst a winter backdrop.


4. Visit the Museum of World War II

Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of World War II at the Museum of World War II. Explore the comprehensive exhibits and artifacts that depict the history of the war and its aftermath.


5. Take a Guided Tour of the Gdansk Shipyard

Delve into Gdansk's historical significance by taking a guided tour of the Gdansk Shipyard. Learn about the shipbuilding heritage and its role in Poland's fight for freedom during the winter months.


6. Explore the Westerplatte Peninsula

Visit the Westerplatte Peninsula, the site where World War II broke out. Explore the memorial and witness the remnants of the military defense post while enjoying the serene winter surroundings.


7. Discover the Royal Chapel in the Gdansk Main Town Hall

Step inside the Royal Chapel located in the Gdansk Main Town Hall. Admire the intricate Baroque interiors, beautiful stained glass, and remarkable sculptures while immersing yourself in an enchanting winter atmosphere.