Exploring Gdansk's Christmas Markets: A Festive Shopping Experience


Experience the joyous atmosphere of Gdansk's Christmas markets and find unique gifts.

1. European Solidarity Center

Head to the European Solidarity Center, where you'll find a different kind of Christmas market experience. This modern museum offers a range of activities and exhibitions related to the history of Solidarity, a Polish trade union, while also hosting a small market with local artisanal products.


2. Motława River Embankment

Take a leisurely stroll along the Motława River Embankment, where you'll find charming Christmas markets offering everything from handmade gifts to local food specialties. Enjoy panoramic views of the river and Gdansk's skyline as you shop.


3. Gdańsk Shipyard

Discover the historical significance of Gdańsk Shipyard, the birthplace of the Solidarity movement. While the shipyard itself doesn't host a Christmas market, it is worth visiting for its role in Poland's history and its proximity to other festive attractions.