There are 13 days of public holidays in Poland. These days are commonly free of work for people in Poland. The big supermarkets, the shopping centers, as well as most of the museums, and gallery are closed. Only small stores, some pubs, and restaurants are open.
4 of this days are movable, due to connection to catholic's church calendar. This is Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, the Pentecost Sunday (7th Sunday after Easter) and the day of Corpus Christi (9th Thursday after Easter).

Regular holidays days begins from the beginning of the new year (1st of January), five days later there is a Three Kings Day (6th of January). There are two free days in May - the 1st (Labour Day ) and the 3rd (Constitution Day). On August 15th in Poland is the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are two public holidays in November: 1st is an All Saint Days, while 11th is an Independence Day. On December there are two days of holidays 25th and 26th - it is two days celebration of Christmas.

Please note, that also in some Sundays supermarkets and shopping centers are closed.